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12/26/2012 - 13:40

By Bruce Morrison, Publisher

Running Journal needs your help.

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On a kitchen table in 1984, a small running publication called Carolina Runner was started because 200 runners had each given us $10 to subscribe to a proposed publication for runners.

My late wife, Julie, and I raced every weekend to promote the fledging little publication and it was like the little train that chugged its way up the mountain – “I think I can, I think I can …”

And we kept going – and growing. We not only signed up new subscribers, we also purchased other running publications, including Racing South (established 1976) and Running in Georgia. We joined with other regional running publications across the country and formed the Running Network.

We became Running Journal.

Today, we have the print publication, an around-the-clock website with the best running calendar in the South, and a monthly email newsletter.

And declining national advertising. At least that was the case in 2012.

We have a simple request: If you don’t currently subscribe to Running Journal, please do so. Every new subscriber helps us secure advertising. For a nickel less than $20, you can subscribe for a year, plus you’ll continue to get the free website and we’ll add you to our free email newsletter mailing.

We will continue to cover running in the South, continue to serve race directors, continue to serve runners.

Your support will be genuinely appreciated. Julie, who died when an out-of-control car going backwards slammed head-on into our vehicle, would give you one of her wonderfully warm smiles. In fact, I believe she will.

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Thank you. We wish you a Happy Running New Year.

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