Sprint your halls off starts today: PUMA vs GOOGLE

09/25/2009 - 14:55

syho_bb_front-300x194.jpgAre you always the first into the kitchen for leftovers? It sounds like you have Office MPH. Don’t worry, being fast is a commonly overlooked trait in employees.

At PUMA Running, we get you. We support your fast. Our research shows that every year, approximately 2,689 employees fight the urge to put on a sweatband and run through their office hallways. Now we’re giving you the chance.

Introducing Sprint Your Halls Off. It’s pretty simple. We bring the Speed Trap and the beer; you provide the hallway. Then we race for office supremacy. Boston is first on our list of cities to own. And the first victim contestant is Google. They might be the fastest search engine in the world, but can they bust it down the hallway like there ain’t no tomorrow? We’ll find out this afternoon.

Google vs PUMA. It’s on . . .

[here's the video where we discovered that sprinting in the hallway is fun]

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