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04/06/2017 - 13:15

Running Journal wants to promote everything good about running in the South and Southeast.

Send info via email to RJ@Running.Net. If you have a question, email Bruce.Morrison@Running.Net.

Information will be considered for publication on the Running.Net website and/or in the Running Journal print publication, and include:

— Stories and photos of interest to runners in your area. These might be about an event, a runner, a running club, a running store, anything that would be of interest to other runners.

— Results and/or story about a race that was held, including a photo or two. Include the link to results.

— News releases about upcoming running events of importance to your area.

— A story about a personal running experience that will interest others.

Newsletters from running clubs, running stores, road race groups, etc. are appreciated. Please add RJ@Running.Net to your email list.

If you would enjoy writing on an occasional or frequent basis, email Bruce.Morrison@Running.Net.

In addition to our Running.Net website, Running Journal has a monthly print edition, digital edition, and two monthly email newsletters. You can subscribe to Running Journal at You have free access to our website, of course, and you can receive the twice-monthly email newsletters by simply sending a request to RJ@Running.Net. Subscribers to Running Journal automatically receive the newsletters.

We are a multimedia company and have full capabilities to promote road races with advertising, including eBlasts, web and newsletter banners, plus print. Contact our advertising representative by phone at (423) 638-4177 or email Shirley.Woodward@Running.Net.

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