Seaman wins 41st US National Title and Michta wins the woman's

10/19/2009 - 18:35

Seaman_TimFV-WalkUSA30km09rn-9-18-09.jpgOn a stormy, cold(43F-7C) and rainy morning in Hauppauge, NY( about 50 miles/75km east of NYC), US Olympian Tim Seaman stole the show with his 41st National Title. Seaman won the USA 30km Walking Title in 2.38.16 while fighting off the brutal conditions and hamstring cramping. Seaman had no goal of trying to follow winning guest walker, 2-time Olympian, Luis Fernandez Lopez of Colombia. Lopez, a police officer who resides and trains in the thin air of Bogota has been on a roll, and preparing himself for the next Olympic Games. Lopez finished a strong ninth in the Beijing 20km, and a stronger 5th in IAAF World Champs in Berlin. Lopez set a course record of 2.13.00, a very strong start to his Olympic Goal.

Bone Chilled Seaman stated, "I dogged it for the first 8kms, then I tried to catch Rodrigo Moreno(COL) and I thought I could catch him but I was freezing out there". Moreno is an ageless 43yr old 50km Olympian who came to Hauppauge to race hard.

Seaman was so cold, he immediately changed in his Dad's van, "I immediately got changed because every bone in my body was Frozen" then headed to his favourite sandwich shop that he worked while in HS and College. Now Seaman heads back to his base in Chula Visa, Ca for his upcoming Wedding on Halloween(October 31) to fellow walker, Rachel Lavalle. Lavalle is a Canadian Walking Champion who recently competed at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin at 20km. Lavallee was the 2009 winner of the Millrose Games Women's Mile Walk.

After the marriage to Lavallee, Seaman will get ready to tie USATF Hall of Famer Henry Laskau who gathered 42 Nationals Titles, at his "2nd home" the 2010 Millrose Games One Mile Walk Championships. Seaman has gone to altitude many times, and will return to Flagstaff, Arizona to ready himself for the 2010 USA Indoor Championships which will be held in the lite air of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On the women's side, another guest Colombian Olympian Sandra Zapata was very very stong, She was far ahead of the fast starting Susan Randall(USA) who tried valently to hold off the hard charging Maria Michta(USA). Michta, won the Woman's USATF 30km championships in 2.49.37 coming back very strong in the 2nd half of her race.

1. Luis Fernandez Lopez COL 2.13.00
2. Rodrigo Moreno COL 2.30.59
3. Tim Seaman USA 2.38.16....USA Champion

1. Susan Zapata COL 2.35.38
2. Maria Michta USA 2.49.37....USA Champion
3. Susan Randall USA 2.53.16

All-Time USA Nationals Titles won

1. Ron Laird-65
2. Henry Laskau-42
3. Tim Seaman-41

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