Running’s Little Encouragements for 2014

12/27/2013 - 15:39

By Bruce Morrison
Running Journal

-- Enjoy the spirit that propels you. Run for life.
-- Run and smile. Smile = mile with an "s." 
-- Compliment the efforts of other runners.
-- Thy children shall run for enjoyment with your gentle encouragement.
-- Don't criticize volunteers.  They make the race possible. 
-- Respect slow runners. It's harder to run slower because it takes longer.
-- Don't drop out.  Achievement comes to those who run the full distance.
-- Others may judge you; smile and understand we are all imperfect.
-- Learn from losing and you'll always win.
-- A medal does not make you a winner; your actions make you a winner. 
-- Run to win but remember you win when you run.
-- Life's road is longer for runners ... and better.
-- Visualize.  Know you can accomplish what you allow. 
-- Be not always driven, enjoy being tranquil, refuel for the long run.
-- Share knowledge with others and their improvement shall be your reward.
-- Accept praise with gentleness and you shall enjoy harmony.
-- Travel to new races and places -- and enjoy new faces.
-- The long road reveals who and what you are. 
-- For every uphill, there is a downhill.
-- Keep going, it avoids defeat.
-- Suffering must be experienced to know the full measure of joy.
-- Eliminate limitations for they are imposed only by you.
-- Ride your feet, fly without effort, soar and glide.
-- Go where only discoverers can go. Running is an enjoyable hurt.
-- We do know our purpose in life. It is to finish.

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