Rankin and Mortimer Win CIGNA Falmouth Mile

08/11/2008 - 09:39

August 11, 2008 / From Running USA wire by James Womboldt, race staff (FALMOUTH, MA) The 2008 CIGNA Falmouth Mile on Saturday evening concluded with a meet record and two personal records as Jon Rankin of San Diego, CA, crossed the line in 3:56.45 at the Falmouth High School track. John Jefferson of Eugene, OR finished second in 3:56.82, a PR by three seconds, while Kurt Benninger of Canada followed closely behind for third (3:56.99), also a PR and a time worthy of the sub-four minute bonus of $500. Ed Moran, Williamsburg, VA, barely missed breaking four minutes, finishing in 4:00.01. Will Leer of Eugene took fifth in 4:00.58, while Tim Nelson from Madison, WI and Sean Quigley of Philadelphia ran 4:01.14 and 4:01.97, respectively, for sixth and seventh.

Last year's Falmouth Mile champion, Jonathon Riley, Madison, WI, a former Brookline high school distance star, crossed the line in 4:02.51 for eighth place. Riley's time was off his 2007 performance and previous meet record of 3:57.07. Places nine and ten were taken by Abiyot Endale of Ethiopia and Christian Hesch of Morro Beach, CA.

The men were led for the first 800 meters by pacer Robert Gibson, a recent graduate of Brookline High School and soon-to-be freshman at the University of Texas. Gibson hit the halfway mark in 1:57.5 before dropping off and making way for Rankin to lead until the finish. Rankin, 26, came through 800 meters in 1:57.6 and 1200 meters in 2:58.6. Rankin, Benninger and Moran pulled away from the rest of field after 900 meters, and with 600 meters to go, Jefferson made his move to secure second place. Jon Rankin's performance in Falmouth follows his sixth place finish in the 1500 meters at this year's U.S. Olympic Trials.

In the women's mile, three different runners led before Amy Mortimer, 26, separated herself from the pack with 150 meters to go. Mary Jayne (Harrelson) Reeves, Jenelle Deatherage and Tiffany McWilliams each led a lap until Mortimer of Providence, RI ran her last 400 meters in 65.1 seconds to win in 4:32.90. McWilliams of Starkville, Miss. followed Mortimer to finish second in 4:33.88. Julie Culley, Arlington, VA took third with a personal record by four seconds in 4:34.38. Fourth place went to Reeves of Newman, GA, who crossed the line in 4:37.27, while fifth place was claimed by Deatherage in 4:38.09.

Reeves led the women through the opening 400 meters in 68.1 seconds before Deatherage took the lead and brought them through the 800 meter mark in 2:16. McWilliams carried the closely spaced group to 1200 meters in 3:26 and continued until the final stretch where she finished second behind Mortimer who was fifth at this year's Olympic Trials in the 1500m. Last year, Mortimer finished second in 4:38.44.

14th CIGNA Falmouth Mile
Falmouth, MA, Saturday, August 9, 2008

1) Jon Rankin (CA), 3:56.45*, $1500
2) John Jefferson (OR), 3:56.82, $1000
3) Kurt Benninger (CAN), 3:56.99, $750
4) Ed Moran (VA), 4:00.01, $100
5) Will Leer (OR), 4:00.58
6) Tim Nelson (WI), 4:01.14
7) Sean Quigley (PA), 4:01.97
8) Jonathon Riley (WI), 4:02.51
*meet record (previous record, 3:57.07, Jonathon Riley, 2007)

1) Amy Mortimer (RI), 4:32.90, $1000
2) Tiffany McWilliams (MS), 4:33.88, $500
3) Julie Culley (VA), 4:34.38, $250
4) Mary Jayne Reeves (GA), 4:37.27, $100
5) Jenelle Deatherage (MN), 4:38.09

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