Racing With the Stars, Celebrities at Jeff Galloway Weekend

12/04/2014 - 14:24

The Jeff Galloway 13.1 Half Marathon and Barb’s 5K announced some special guests who will be attending the Dec. 12-14 race weekend. Running stars involved in the event are Bill Rodgers, Bart Yasso, Bennett Cohen, and Chris Gillespie."

Bill Rodgers, who operates the Bill Rodgers Running Center, is one of the most revered athletes in the sport of running. Rodgers had set the record for the Boston Marathon in 1975 and then broke his own record in 1979. While continuing to push himself, he didn’t stop setting records with just his race times. He also won the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon four times each between 1975 and 1980. By winning the Fukuoka Marathon in 1977, he became the only runner to ever hold the championship of all three major marathons in the same year. Rodgers has won twenty-two marathons in his running career and still participates in running events when he is able.

Competing in a marathon in all seven continents is something not many would consider, but for Bart Yasso it was just another joy in life. Yasso has been a big influence in the running world, offering his own marathon training schedule known as the Yasso 800s. Yasso is also the chief running officer for Runner’s World, which allows him to travel the world to participate in running events. He is not only a world class runner, but a world class traveler as well.

Bennett Cohen is not only a seasoned runner, but is an advocate for bringing new runners into the sport, especially women. He and Gail Gould are founders of the International Association of Women Runners. Cohen is also publisher for the “Women’s Running Update,” which is a weekly publication dedicated specifically for women runners. Running for more than the past three decades and coaching for nearly one decade as well, Cohen is bettering the running community.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Team 413, Chris Gillespie has been trying to encourage and motivate people in the running dreams the same way the he was motivated. Team 413, also known as GRACERUNNER MINISTRIES, is dedicated to helping runners meet their goals and provide the help and sportsmanship that they have found in their love for Jesus Christ. Gillespie and his team believe in ministering to runners throughout the world by participating and sharing their love in any way they can. Chris Gillespie has sat on the athletic boards of many institutions and has been a certified trainer for over thirty years.

About the 13.1 Jeff Galloway and Barb’s 5 K:

The Jeff Galloway 13.1 Half Marathon is named for Olympic runner Jeff Galloway, author, public speaker and “America’s Running Coach” who was recently named by USA Running as the most recognized person in the sport of running. The race is hosted by Phidippides, the oldest specialty running store in the country with two Atlanta locations. Named for Barbara Galloway, Jeff Galloway’s wife of 38 years and also an avid runner, the 5K race has been added to the official race weekend agenda.

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