Quotes from the leading finishers at the Commerzbank Frankfurt Marathon 2009

10/26/2009 - 11:19

Kirwa_GilbertFV-Frankfurt09rn-10-26-09.jpgGilbert Kirwa (Kenya), the men’s champion:
“When he (Robert K Cheruiyot) went away, I thought he’d win but when I started to catch him, I thought I’d win. Two wins in two marathons, I’m very happy.”
Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (Kenya) in second place:
“At around one hour, 40 into the race (ed note: appr. 34k) my left hamstring started to hurt and I had to slow down. It was the same as in Boston this year.”
William Kiplagat (Kenya) in third place and also coach to runner-up Cheruiyot:
“This is my best time for many years (ed note: for ten years!). I’m very pleased. Before the race I told Robert, watch out, if you don’t run fast, I’ll beat you.”
Agnes Kiprop (Kenya), the women’s champion:
“I had a hamstring problem at around 38 k and didn’t know how far I was in the lead until later.”
Hellen Kimutai (Kenya), in second place:
“It was only at 35k that I realised I would be among the leading finishers.”
Günther Weidlinger (Austria), in tenth place in 2:10:47 and a national record:
The pace of the leading group at the start was very fast and I dropped off after 5 kilometres. I had a very good pacemaker who knew exactly how to run the right schedule. Up to 20 k there were there three of us, the pacemaker dropped out at 25 k and I ran the last 17 k alone. But I was going really well and was right on schedule from halfway. Over the last few kilometres I was certain I would break the Austrian record and the difference to Vienna was that I didn’t fall apart over the last couple of kilometres. That’s why I was cautious during the race about what time I could run. I had no problems at all and not a single bad patch. Today I felt nothing like as shattered as I did in Vienna.”
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