Quattlebaum, White are Peach Festival Winners

07/23/2018 - 11:51

GAFFNEY, SC — James Quattlebaum and Shawanna White were overall winners of the Gaffney Peach Festival 10K on Saturday, July 21.

Quattlebaum, 22, of Greenville, raced home in 34:32. He was followed by Eric Westog of Davidson, NC, in 34:58, and Brett Morley of Greenville in 35:08.

White, 38, of Columbia, was female winner in 37:58. Second was Lauren Westug in 38:27, while 14-year-old McKinley Weisman was third in 39:40.

Male masters champ was Orinthal Striggles of Columbia in 35:30. Bernard Vermeersch was second in 37:51, followed by Kevin Goehring in 39:18.

Top female master was Kellie Eaves of Anderson in 39:42. She was followed by Alison Youngblood in 49:30 and Marin Cayelli in 50:33.

In the companion 5K event, Austin Stegall was overall winner in 14:37, followed by Harrison Kiraqwi in 16:00 and Nigel Dossantos in 17:48. Top 3 women were Purity Munene in 17:56, Ashley Blanton 22:05, and Sarah Allers 22:37.

Male masters top 3: Niles Yantchook (18:22), Gary Ball (18:46), Eric Allers (18:50). Top 3 female masters: Susan Rogers (22:43), Kelly Patterson (26:02), Barbara Wheeler (26:04).

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