Nurme, Cherboi Winners of Mercedes Marathon

02/12/2018 - 14:16

Shawanna White of Columbia, SC second female, ninth overall.

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Tildrek Nurme of Estonia was the overall winner of the Mercedes Marathon on Saturday, Feb. 11, in a course record 2:18:38. Geofrey Terer of Colorado Springs was runnerup in 2:25:11. William Christian of Norfolk, VA, was third in 2:26:09, followed by Chris Lemon of Dayton, OH, in 2:30:40 and Hillary Too of Palatine, IL, in 2:36:03.

Kenyan Gladys Cheboi of Grand Prarie, TX, was the female winner in 2:46:10 while Shawanna White of Columbia, SC, ran a strong 2:51:14 to take second. Leah Frost of Portland, ME, was third in 3:00:07, followed by Dani Steinbacher of Ann Arbor, MI, in 3:04:05 and Erica Schramm of Las Vegas in 3:05:00.

Christian (3rd male) and White (2nd female) were the first U.S. Citizen finishers.

First Local Finishers were Chris Mahaffey of Odenville, AL, in 2:47:03 and Mary Craig of Hoover in 3:26:26.

Masters winners were Geoffrey Terer (2nd overall finisher) and Celeste Neville of Chattanooga, TN, in 3:27:47. Winning grandmasters were Douglas Songer of Dayton, OH, in 3:22:46 and Regina Morris of Bradenton, FL, in 3:58:22.

In the half marathon, Scott Smith of Flagstaff, AZ, was overall winner in 1:04:20. Female winner was Ann Karindi of Lansing, MI, in 1:12:00.

First local finishers were Richard Kimani of Homewood in 1:10:37 and Deanna Newman of Birmingham in 1:26:48.

Masters winners were Fred Kosgei (1:16:23) and Deanna Newman (1:26:48), both of Birmingham. Grandmaster winners were Ralf Becher of Tuscaloosa in 1:36:16 and Rebecca Hutchinson of Vestavia Hills in 1:39:00.

Jereme Wilroy of Birmingham was the male wheelchair winner in 1:15:45.

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