Nike+ Human Race; the Largest Global Largest 1 Day Running Event Ever

09/03/2008 - 14:27

nike10K08NY.jpg September 3, 2008 from press release (New York)---There are only two words that can describe the Nike+ Human Race 10K in New York City: amazing experience! With thousands of runners lined up prior to the start of the race, spirits were high and the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and eagerness.

Prior to the horn sounding off, Lopez Lomong (United States Olympian ­ 1500 meters) and Nate Robinson (New York Knicks Point Guard) greeted the crowd. Lopez spent his time on stage inspiring the crowd with his tremendous experience at the 2008 Olympics and he made it a point to encourage everyone to achieve their goals by never letting an obstacle stand in the way. Nate wanted everyone to know what it truly meant to be a New Yorker and reminded the runners that they were the face of New York City today and he encouraged them to run with pride.

At the end, it was John Henwood (New York Athletic Club member) and Jill Vollweiler (Central Park Track Club member) who finished in first place among the men and the women. John Henwood finished in 32:39 (5:15 pace) and Jill Vollweiler finished in 39:34 (6:22 pace). Of course, the Nike+ Human Race was more than just winning a race; it was about bringing the world together. As the runners crossed the line, hands raised in the air, the participants came together on 8.31.2008 to run for a cause and to inspire others through the joy of running.

As the race concluded, everyone made their way to the post-race concert ­ The All-American Rejects. As the band took the stage, overlooking the 10,000+ audience members, the lights dimmed and ³Dirty Little Secrets² blasted through the stadium¹s speakers. The crowd went crazy, pushing forward toward the stage with a number of individuals starting the crowd surf.

With John and Jill, standing next to the All-American Rejects and the crowd cheering, it was easily the defining moment of the Nike+ Human Race 10K in New York. It was the type of moment that makes you realize that events like this mean more than just running in a race ­ it¹s about bringing people together and celebrating all the good that occurs throughout the world.

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