Molly Huddle sets 5K record of 14:42.64!

07/19/2014 - 04:50

18 July 2014, Meeting Herculis, Monaco — Molly Huddle was here for one reason, setting the American record once again, and putting it out of reach for awhile. During most of the race, she had the company of Shannon Rowbury who followed her every move, as she had in Sacramento.

With 300 meters to go, Molly Huddle took off and put six seconds on Shannon Rowbury.

As Huddle charged down the final straight, Dibaba was just finished, and Molly fought hard. She fought hard not to give in. This tiny bit of seconds, this tiny part of the race would showcase her work for the past nine or ten months. Huddle took a look back just before the finish and made it to th finish, with her last bit of energy.

Molly Huddle was rewarded with a new American record in 14:42.64.

Shannon Rowbury ran a personal best, two places back from Molly in 14:48.58.

Huddle had taken almost two seconds off a 5,000 meter record that has to be recognized as tough. Tough as Molly Huddle.

Women's 5000 meters, Monaco, 1. Genzebe Dibaba, ETH, 14:28.88 WL, 2. Almaz Ayana, ETH, 14:29.19, SB, 3. Viola Jelegat Kibiwot, KEN, 14:33.73, SB, 4. Sally Kipyego, KEN, 14:37.38, 5. Betsy Saina, KEN, 14:39.49, PB, 6. Molly Huddle, USA, 14:42.64, AR, 7. Mercy Cherono, KEN, 14:44.56, 9. Lisa Kinet, KEN, 14:59.83, 10. Sifan Hassan, NED, 15:08.05, 11.Mimi Belete, BRN, 15:11.60 PB, 12.Clemence Calvin, FRA, 15:12.83, 13. Kim Conley, USA, 15:37.09

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