Julie’s Memory in Running Journal, We Need You

05/09/2018 - 16:17

In 1984, two runners announced at a race that they were going to start a running publication. The husband and wife were journalists and active runners.

About 200 runners signed up at that race.

Carolina Runner was born.

Bruce and Julie Morrison ran every weekend, sometimes 3-4 times on weekends, sometimes at two races on the same day. They spoke to running groups, traveled to races in multiple southern states. Over the next couple of years they purchased Racing South, Running in South Carolina, and Running in Georgia.

Running Journal was born.

Bruce and Julie were in love — with each other (they held hands every day) and with running.

Julie was the fulltime editor. Bruce published a daily newspaper in Concord, NC, and helped at night. On weekends they ran.

Running correspondents wrote stories and took photos. Bruce and Julie wrote columns and were pictured in a different running shirt each month — shirts from races or running clubs, a different shirt every month. They also wrote lots of stories and took countless photos of runners.

Four years after the start of the publication, Bruce accepted a position as chief operating officer of a newspaper and broadcast group in Tennessee. Julie moved Running Journal into its own building in their new town and hired several fulltime employees. Bruce continued to help and wrote a marathon book (26.2 Trail of Truth).

In 2002, an out-of-control car going backwards hit their car. Julie died, Bruce recovered from serious injuries.

Bruce kept Running Journal going in Julie’s memory. She is listed in every issue as “Publisher Emeritus.”

Today, Running Journal serves runners across the South and Southeast, has a print and digital edition, a website (Running.Net), and publishes two Racing South eNewsletters each month.

“Julie’s memory is in every issue,” Bruce said. “In my mind, we still hold hands. I speak to her often."

Today, many print publications, including most newspapers, are losing subscribers and advertisers. Regional and running club publications are often published in digital newsletter formats. Only a few running publications continue in print format, including Runner’s World, which was recently sold.

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