If You Run the South, You Just Gotta Subscribe to Running Journal

02/08/2017 - 16:51

Running Journal provides around-the-clock running information to Runners across the South and Southeast 24 hours a day through print, digital, web, and two monthly newsletters, all for a lot less than it costs for the average race registration.

We provide timely running stories and information, including thousands of race listings each year, and we do it When, Where, and How you want it.

And, for just $19.95 per year.

You get 12 monthly issues of Running Journal, complete access to the Running.Net website, access to a digital version of Running Journal, plus two monthly Racing South newsletters, all of which are produced by Running Journal and its Running Multimedia operations.

When …

Where … and

How you want to receive the information so significant to your running needs.

For just $19.95.

You just gotta subscribe:

“My late wife, Julie, and I started a publication originally called “Carolina Runner” on a kitchen table in 1984 in Concord, North Carolina. We raced every weekend, often at multiple locations, sometimes going to separate races. In 2002, Julie was killed in an auto accident and I have dedicated Running Journal to her memory ever since,” said Publisher Bruce Morrison. "In each issue, on page 3, there are two small lines that read 'Publisher Emeritus, Julie Morrison 1954-2002.' I will consider it a personal favor if you subscribe — and will send you a personal thank you note, ” Bruce added.

If you would like to be billed, just send your name and address to Bruce.Morrison@Running.Net.

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