Galloway’s Mental Training for Runners Answers Excuses

09/18/2017 - 15:46

gallowaybook10.jpg Mental Training for Runners, Jeff Galloway’s encouraging book of mental training strategies, will show you how to train your mind to stay in control.

Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge but Galloway will help you break down your challenges into smaller steps, helping you stay motivated while setting and reaching new goals.

Learn how to break through barriers and stay in control when you’re confronted with circumstances that cause you to hesitate going on your run. Jeff provides tips on how to deal with stress, everyday situations, and defeat excuses. Over time your habits change when utilizing the everyday drills and training tools to lower your stress and set realistic goals.

Galloway also provides tips on good running technique to help you run better, which helps in staying motivated to attain your goals.

Using a journal is helpful and Jeff shows how doing this provides a useful tool to keep track of progress and assist your training schedules.

Mental Training for Runners puts you on a positive mental path that releases the spirit within. With this new tool, you can learn to answer any challenge.

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