BeeCause Charms to Partner with Jeff Galloway Race Weekend 2015

05/19/2015 - 12:13

bee.jpg BeeCause Charms, a company that specializes in charms for running shoes, has partnered up with Jeff Galloway productions to become the presenting sponsor for Barb’s 5K. Keep your eyes peeled for charms that can be seen on running shoes around the world from BeeCause Charms (

A New Jersey based company was started by a few women who loved to run, loved the running community, and wanted a special way to commemorate their achievements. By adding charms to their shoes, they were able to celebrate those victories of completing races.

Suzanne Dougherty of BeeCause charms gave some insight as to why she loves these charms and this opportunity. “Running charms could mean a lot of different things to anyone. For me, it is a reminder of what I’ve accomplished, all of the fun that I have had, the memories made, and the reasons that I run. Partnering with Jeff Galloway Productions is an opportunity we were exhilarated to see. Jeff and Barb Galloway mean so much to the running world, and to see two people who can bring that much joy to the runners and walkers everywhere is something we wanted to be a part of, and we hope that we can bring some of that joy to our runners as well.”

As the presenting sponsor, BeeCause charms will be working on a special charm celebrating the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend 2015 along with bringing some special promotions for the “Jeff Galloway Family”. Be sure to see the BeeCause booth throughout the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend and watch out for the specials that you will see from this incredible company through Jeff Galloway social media and newsletters. Jeff and Barb were just as excited for this match up with BeeCause and said, “We think that this is going to be something special for our participants and be something that they will really enjoy. As much as this company loves the running and walking community and how they all love still being involved with it, we can’t help but love the idea of bringing more sponsors that have the same goals as we do.”

About the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend:

The Jeff Galloway 13.1 Half Marathon is named for Olympic runner Jeff Galloway, author, public speaker and “America’s Running Coach” who was recently named by USA Running as the most recognized person in the sport of running. The race is hosted by Phidippides, the oldest specialty running store in the country with two Atlanta locations. Named for Barbara Galloway, Jeff Galloway’s wife of 38 years and also an avid runner, the 5K race has been a staple to the official race weekend agenda since 2014 The FIT KID Run was added in 2015 to allow families to participate with all members and bring running and walking to the youngest generation.

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