Be a Genius, Run in the 41st Running Journal Grand Prix

06/12/2018 - 16:10

You don’t have to be a genius to know running is great and represents a lot of energy.

The genius Albert Einstein produced an equation about energy: E=mc2 (Energy equals mass and the speed of light multiplied by itself.)

Einstein, a theoretical physicist, never ran in our Grand Prix series, which started 40 years ago, but running sure helps anyone understand the reality of pure energy.

You’ll be light years ahead on understanding energy when you participate in Running Journal Grand Prix races. You can even reflect on Einstein’s theory while you experience the energy needed to get to the finish line.

And imagine how many miles you might run if you were on a space ship going at the speed of light (186,000 mph).

Let’s have our own equation:

E=gp41 (The energy you will expend in the 41st year of the Running Journal Grand Prix).

Our equation may not meet theoretical physicist standards but you will get to the finish line before that spaceship reaches its galactic destination.

Race directors interested in including the Grand Prix 41 race series with their race can contact RJ@Running.Net to learn details on how to receive extensive ongoing promotion of their event. Grand Prix races are promoted at Running.Net, in Running Journal print and digital editions, and twice monthly in our Racing South eNewsletter.

The new series begins with the annual Midnight Flight 5K, 10K, and fun run the evening of Friday, Aug. 24, in Anderson, SC, and continues into mid-2019.

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