Anthony Travel Launches "Viva Resolution"

07/15/2008 - 09:33

vivaresolution.jpg July 15, 2008 from Running USA wire (DALLAS, TX) Anthony Travel has launched a marketing campaign in support of their endurance sports segment. The campaign, Viva Resolution , is an effort to enrich the lives of endurance event participants near and far by helping them make their resolutions a reality. The initiative is designed to help athletes expand their race options and training resources.

"Viva Resolution is about helping people," said Jason Rice, Director of Endurance Events. "Unexpected obstacles will emerge through the planning and training process - be they physical, mental or logistical - and we intend to serve as an ally to athletes in overcoming these road blocks."

Several components including web, print, social networking and on-site event presence comprise the Viva Resolution efforts; however, a key thrust is . The site features a wide selection of "Viva Events" from around the world, such as the Arctic Marathon Cruise, the Great Tibetan Marathon, Ironman Western Australia and Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend, from which athletes can choose to participate. Anthony Travel not only offers travel solutions to these great destination and events, but also has extensive travel offerings for other races, as well. In addition, incorporates a blog, a store and media rich content pertaining to training resources, race videos, news and more.

Providing athletes an opportunity to share information is important to the Viva Resolution concept. "We are impressed by the resolutions people share with us and how they live them. will allow our guests to share their stories and inspire others the way they have inspired us," said Natalie Serle, Endurance Event Coordinator.

Other social opportunities exist at "The camaraderie and fellowship of sport is a central reason whey we do what we do," said Rice. "Endurance athletes at all levels share a common bond. At our special events and during our tour activities, we witness those who would be strangers interacting like old friends. Our Viva Resolution Facebook fan page allows Anthony Travel guests to interact with other participants throughout the year, as well as with Anthony Travel Endurance Team members."

Athletes can also befriend Will , the Viva Resolution mascot, who appears on the website.

Those personal connections extend past the Viva Resolution website. Anthony Travel Viva Resolution representatives will be attending several upcoming events including the NYC Half-Marathon Presented by NIKE, ING New York City Marathon, Ironman World Championship in Kona and Muddy Buddy Dallas. Athletes can stop by the Anthony Travel / Viva Resolution booth to learn more about the races and travel offerings available.

"What is important about Viva Resolution is that it is more than just the races. It's about helping people reach their goals, and in the process, getting them to experience some remarkable destinations," said Rice. "Our Endurance Team has had the privilege to support more than 20,000 endurance athletes since 2002. We hope Viva Resolution helps many, many more sport travelers achieve their dreams, too."

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