About Road Race Records in Georgia

07/05/2017 - 18:28

By Joyce Hodges-Hite, Georgia Records Keeper

Though Road Race Records standards are not as stringent on the state level in Georgia as they are on the national level, there are still standards that Georgia observes. For example, on the national level, to be considered record eligible, a run must be done in a USATF sanctioned race. In Georgia, a record can be set on a USATF certified course, but the race need not be sanctioned.

However, the application for a record on a certified course clearly states that USATF rules will be followed. Naturally, a race director can ignore some of those rules, for example, the use of headphones. But if a record is sought, the rules must be followed.

Lately, some runners (actually, their parents) are ignoring the rule concerning pacing and athlete assistance during the race. The rule in question is number 144. There are many reasons being given for breaking (ignoring) this rule, but the rule still stands. If the race director cannot monitor the entire course, and if there is no other way to determine whether the rule is being broken, possibly nothing can be done about it. BUT, if it is determined that the rule is being broken, the run will not be eligible for a Georgia record.

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