2017 Boston Diaries: The Boston Marathon Flash Back

04/19/2017 - 18:39

By Alfonz Juck

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Switzer_Katherine1-Boston17-thumb-500x750-23585.jpgBOSTON (USA): Kathrine Switzer completed the Boston Marathon some fifty years after officials attempted to remove her from the race which was not open to women at the time, informs BBC News. More than 12,300 women started this year's race and Switzer, 70, completed the course in 4:44:31.
BOSTON (USA): After finishing third in the Boston Marathon on her debut in 2:23:00, Jordan Hasay has said she might opt to stay on the roads rather than try and make the American 10,000m team for the World Championships in London, informs "To be honest, I think I'm just leaning toward staying on the roads," she said. However, Galen Rupp will try and make the team for London before moving to the roads on a full-time basis.

BOSTON (USA): Last year third placer in Boston Kenyan Joyce Chepkirui was a non-finisher on Monday due to effectively same injury as was the case in NYC last autumn when she placed 4th. Informs twitter of her management company Ikaika.

BOSTON (USA): Participation figures as published by Race Results Weekly are showing a slight decrease. Total entrants from 30,741 last year to 30,153 this year, starters from 27,487 to 27,221 and finishers from 26,639 to 26,411.

Photo:Katherine Switzer and her friends in 261 Fearless, photo by

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