Walk, Wag, and Run to End Domestic Violence

06/11/2018 - 13:04

ATLANTA — Ahimsa House, Georgia’s only nonprofit to help human and animal victims of domestic violence, will host its annual Walk, Wag & Run 5K and fun run on Saturday, Aug. 25.

Since 2004, Ahimsa House has provided more than 81,000 nights of emergency safe shelter for animals in abusive situations. This allows domestic violence victims the chance to look for safe housing, and 87% of clients have been reunited with their pets.

One such client, Janine, reached out to Ahimsa House one evening in panic after her German Shepherd, Star, jumped on Janine’s abusive boyfriend to stop him from strangling her. She desperately needed to enter her local domestic violence shelter but it did not accept animals. Star entered the Ahimsa House program and stayed in a foster home while Janine was able to recover. The two were reunited less than two months later.

“Without our help, I shudder to think what might have happened to Janine if she had to return to her abuser,” said Myra Rasnick, executive director, “but thankfully we were able to reunite her with her dog, who has now started a violence-free life with her.”

Sadly, demand for their services is increasing. In 2017, Ahimsa House answered 3,340 calls to their 24-hour crisis line and assisted 161 people and 283 pets in escaping domestic violence. During the first four months of 2018, Ahimsa House provided 3,354 nights of safe shelter for 106 animals.

The Walk, Wag & Run allows Atlanta residents to show their concern and support for domestic violence victims across the state. Funds raised support a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter, veterinary care, and legal advocacy.

The 5K race is a Peachtree race qualifier and runs through Lenox Park in Brookhaven. Dogs are welcome. For more race details and to register, visit:

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