Tuscaloosa Track Club Holds Award Banquet

02/22/2011 - 12:45

Tuscaloosa 018.jpgThe Tuscaloosa Track Club recently held its Grand Prix Award Banquet at Evangeline’s Restaurant. Throughout the evening, many TTC members were recognized for their running achievements throughout last year. TTC triathletes who participated in the USAT Age-Group National Championship this past September were named. These included Eric Wilson, Michael Moore, Cathy Pagani, Leigh Ann Hobson, Carol Moore-Smith, and Richard Snow. Many of these athletes have earned a spot with the Team USA and will travel to Beijing to participate in the ITU Sprint World Championship.

TTC had a Ragnar Relay Team, that ran from Chattanooga to Nashville with a 14-member team. The relay team consisted of Mike Higgins, Jannie Kirkland, Gerald Ross, Andrea Hirst, Alvin Niuh, Jerry Spetor, Fran ONeal, Emily Smith, Marysia Galbraith, Vinnie Bellonfatto, Frannie James, Mark Rutherford, Richard Carroll, and Danny Ross.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the “You Rock Award,” that was awarded to Bill Stewart for his inspiring story of recovery and his determination and dedication to the sport of running. Stewart suffered a health issue nearly two years ago that left him physically isolated. However, with his unrelenting desire to improve and to run again, he overcame his adversity.

In addition to the Grand Prix Awards, the Volunteer of the Year Award was given to Frannie James. Awards were also given to two outstanding cross-country high school students. The recipients were Donnie Lee from Tuscaloosa Country High and Amie Lemley from American Christian Academy. The Cross-Country Awards were presented by Athlete’s Foot.

TTC Grand Prix Winners
1 - Jonathan Kolodziej, 2-Pat Champlin, 3-Myles Landers.
Male Masters
Glenn Dodd.
Male Grand Masters
Rod Pask.
Male Age Groups
30-34: 1-Brook Fluker.
35-39: 1-Mark Atkins.
40-44: 1-Randy Vaughn.
45-49: 1- Gerald Ross, 2-Ben Castleberry, 3-Alvin Niuh.
50-54: 1-Ed Freeman, 2-Steve Springer
55-59: 1-Steve Nelko.
60-64: 1-Richard Sn. ow.
65-over: 1-Phillip Crunk.

1-Marysia Galbraith, 2-Debbie Cook, 3-Carol Moore-Smith.
Female Masters
Amy Halladay.
Female Grand Masters
Lee Lynn Pask.
Female Age Group
20-24: 1-Jenna Cook.
25-29: 1-Elissa Landers, 2-Mary Harrison, 3-Crystal Fluker.
30-34: 1-Lisa Atkins.
45-49: 1-Andrea Hirst, 2-Frannie James.

Photo: Tuscaloosa Track Club President Carole Moore-Smith

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