Sieczkowski, Langley Win 5K

09/03/2018 - 13:09

Marion with Glen and David.jpgNORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — Brian Sieczkowski of Maumelle and Carla Langley of Little Rock were winners of the ARK 5K Classic on Sept. 1. Sieczkowski, 40, was overall winner in 16:59.28. Carli Langley, 25, of Little Rock was female winner in 18:30.54.

Gannon White, 42, was second overall in 17:13.83 and Tyler Shirley third in 18:02.55, both of Little Rock. Tia Stone, of Searcy, was second female in 18:48.79, and Jennifer Found of Little Rock was third in 20:11.89.

Masters winners were Brian Sites (18:07.34) and Sarah Olney (20:47.25). Grandmaster victors were Alan Krenzelok (19:00.36) and Kathleen Rea (23:27.04). Senior winners were Don Still (21:39.11) and Angie Arellano-Fisher (29:37.81).

Complete results at Mac’s Race Timing Service:

Photo: Glen Wile of Texarkana, Marion Monk of Hot Springs Village, and David Samuel were top 3 in 75-79 age group.

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