Running USA Elects Board

06/15/2017 - 15:11

WICHITA, Kan. - Running USA, the national non-profit trade organization for running events and businesses, is excited to announce the addition of seven newly elected members to the Running USA Board of Directors, with the given slate of candidates passing with a strong majority of membership support during the recent Running USA elections.

This year's class consists of four re-elected board members, each of whom retain their seats. These members include:
Virginia Brophy Achman - Executive Director, Twin Cities in Motion
Iris Simpson Bush - Executive Director, Flying Pig Marathon
Faron Kelley - Vice President, Disney Sports & Water Parks
Tony Reed - Founder, National Black Marathoners Association
In addition, three new members join the Running USA Board of Directors. They are:
Sally Bergesen - Founder and CEO, Oiselle
Danny Bourgeois - Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Louisiana Marathon
Lonnie Somers - Owner & President, Hal Sports, Running USA board treasurer
The seven elected board members bring a unique blend of experience, with expertise in fields of event management, timing and apparel. The terms of those elected begin on July 1, 2017, with each director serving for two years.

"Our Governance and Elections Committee did a fine job choosing individuals to serve who can bring the necessary skills we need to move forward as an organization," says Running USA CEO Rich Harshbarger.

While Running USA celebrates three new board members and four returning board members, it also wishes to honor the accomplishments of departing board members Beth Salinger and Mike Schmitz.

"It's been an honor to work with both Beth and Mike," says Harshbarger. "Both have made significant contributions to our organization and supporting our mission invaluably and helping to shape our growth. For all of that we are thankful for their service."

For Salinger, she leaves Running USA as a long-time board member and a past president of the board. Her contributions on a multitude of committees, leading the hiring of a new CEO and various other top organizational actions have shaped Running USA for years to come.

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