Military Relay Teams Capture $10,000 Donation at Tick Tock Ultra

11/03/2015 - 18:37

Overall Military Team Champs.JPGNew records were set when Forest Creek Golf Club at Pinehurst, NC, opened their gates to pre-registered ultra distance runners October 24 for the Tick Tock Ultra event that benefited the Patriot Foundation. The overall male winner, Charles Dodd, logged 65.55 miles, while the overall female winner, Stephanie Smith logged 51.75 miles. Each overall winner was presented with $250, a bronzed running shoe trophy, and a custom medal.

A relay team component allowed groups of up to five runners to take turns running the 3.45-mile course to collectively log as many miles as possible in 12 hours. The relay teams were further divided into military and civilian categories. The winning civilian team logged 89.7 miles.

The winning military relay team, Team Panther, was comprised of five male runners from the 3rd Basic Combat Team from the 82nd Airborne Division. They collectively ran an awe-inspiring 100.05 miles.

In addition to receiving custom medals, gift cards, and a Military Relay Team Champion trophy for their unit, Patriot Foundation's Captain Chuck Deleot and General Lance Smith also presented Team Panther with the event's $10,000 donation that will be used to provide scholarship money for the children of selected warriors from their unit.

Overall male results: Charles Dodd, 65.55 miles; Joel Chuning 51.75, Luis Chevere 48.3, Sean Todd 44.85, Aaron Oldham 37.95, Belvie Jenkins 34.5, Chuck Cordell 31.05, Brian Povish 31.5, Frederick Tuisl 31.5.
Overall female results: Stephanie Smith, 51.75 miles; Elizabeth Gmerek 48.3, Lisa Dodd 37.95, Rene Ellis 37.95, Jennifer Sutterfield 34.5, Kay Jenkins 34.5, Donna Raye 31.05.

Pictured: Team Panther receiving the $10,000 donation from Patriot Foundation’s Captain Deleot and General Smith after completing over 100 miles at NC’s first 12-Hour TICK TOCK ULTRA event.

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