Long and Short Measurements at Chattanooga Races

10/16/2017 - 14:15

CHATTANOOGA, TN — Nathan Pierce of Huntsville, AL, was the overall winner of the 7 Bridges Marathon but the course was too long by .63 of a mile and adjusted times will be announced. Daniel McGinley was second and Richard Reinhardt third in the men’s competition.

In the women’s event, Jackie Merritt was the winner, followed by Meghan Ogle in second and Kyra Fower in third.

The companion 4 Bridges Half Marathon distance was also incorrect, measuring .63 of a mile short. Christian Thompson was the overall winner, second male was Josh Whitehead, and third was Chris Jackson. Sara Gibson was women’s winner, followed by Emily Cooper and Daphne Kirkwood.

The course measurements were attributed to human error by a course certifier.

Adjusted times will be announced:

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