Johnson, Fischer win Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

05/01/2018 - 12:20

LOUISVILLE, KY — Jeremy Johnson of Austin, Indiana, was the overall winner April 28 of the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in 2:21:19. Michael Deren of Louisville was second in 2:24:52, followed byt Tyler Cannon of New Orleans in 2:29. Fourth was Ernest Koech of Louisville in 2:31 while Daniel Lemelman of Brooklyn was fifth in 2:40:22.

Dani Fischer of Greenfield, Indiana was female champion in 2:55:07. Cassandra Martin of Louisville was second in 2:58:38. Erica Schramm of Las Vegas finished third in 2:59:13, followed by Kacey Cox of Leavenworth, IN, in 3:08:46 and Sara George of Kettering, OH, in 3:10:17.


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