Galloway Announces Pace Team

11/08/2016 - 12:21

ATLANTA — The 2016 Jeff Galloway Race Weekend has released the Jeff Galloway 13.1 Pace Team Members who will maintain a consistent pace over the 13.1-mile course and help runners achieve their goals.

Registered experienced and first-time runners are welcome to use the 2016 Jeff Galloway Pace Team to motivate and assist them in reaching their goals.

Joining a pace group is free. On race day, the Pace Team will be easily identifiable before and during the race by their PACER shirts and JG 1.31 flags. All pacers will be using the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run Method.

The 2016 JG 13.1 Pace Team Members:

1:30 Jonathan Bair, Westin Galloway

1:45 Kacy Seynders, Meridith Bowen

2:00 Allison Troxell

2:10 David Hardwick

2:20 Jeneen Olive, Sarah Kozul

2:30 Kelley Tenney, Sherri Barnes

2:45 Rich Harris, Catherine Piper

3:00 Joye McElroy, Lark Ivester

3:30 Jaye Reed, Susan Maloney

4:00 Melanie Redding, MJ Bevis

4:30 Claudia Crenshaw, Pam Beckham

About the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend:

The Jeff Galloway 13.1 Half Marathon is named for Olympic runner Jeff Galloway, author, public speaker and “America’s Running Coach” who was recently named by USA Running as the most recognized person in the sport of running. The race is hosted by Phidippides, the oldest specialty running store in the country with two Atlanta locations. Named for Barbara Galloway, Jeff Galloway’s wife of 38 years and also an avid runner, the 5K race has been a staple to the to the official Dec. 9-11 race weekend agenda since 2014 The FIT KIDS Run/Walk was added in 2015 to allow families to participate with all members and bring running and walking to the youngest generation.

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